About Us

Mission Statement 

Our mission statement has been crafted over many years of being in business and many heart searching discussions. Our mission statement serves as a compass by which we check our course and a ruler by which we measure ourselves against the standard we've set for ourselves. We invite you to hold us accountable to our mission statement.

Our mission is to deliver value to our customer. Value demands we render high quality service, with integrity, in a professional manner, at a fair price.

To Our Customers

To Our Employees
Our mission is to build strong, enduring relationships with our employees as we work together to serve our customers. We compensate our employees fairly according to the quality and quantity of work rendered. We encourage and support growth and development consistent with the skills, interest and motivation of each employee. 

To Our Vendors
Our mission is to conduct business with our vendors in such a way as to create a desire in them to keep us as their customer.

To the Community
Our mission is to give something back to the community in appreciation for the community's support of our business. 


From its inception in 1988 when one blue van logoed with the rolled out each morning from the garage of Jay Cunningham, Plumbing Services. has gradually grown to a stable company.

Shortly after the bathtub man came the plumbers with red shirts and blue ties. Times have continued to change, and today Plumbing employs a Customer Service/Dispatch staff, an Accounting Department, Mechanic, and Warehouse staff. The company’s mission is to deliver value to each customer. For Superior, value means rendering high quality service, with integrity, in a professional manner, at a fair price.

Meet the character of Superior. Integrity and honesty; dependability and faithfulness to one’s word; an ability to take directives from one’s superior, to follow instructions, and to receive correction; humility to admit when one has made a mistake and to do what is necessary to amend it; teamwork and cooperation;

the ability to get along with people, even under pressure. We know that in the long run, it is good character which will maintain (and increase) the health and strength of the company. Our objective is to hire people whom we can trust to do the right thing no matter what situation they are in.